【PassCode】1st Album "ZENITH"(初回限定盤)
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【PassCode】1st Album "ZENITH"(初回限定盤)

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2017年8月2日(水)リリース PassCode Major 1st Album "ZENITH"(初回限定盤) [CD] 1.Maze of mind 2.bite the bullet(テレビ東京土曜ドラマ24『フリンジマン~愛人の作り方教えます~』主題歌) 3.all or nothing 4.ONE STEP BEYOND 5.Scarlet night 6.TRACE 7.Same to you 8.カタルシス 9.rise in revolt 10.Insanity 11.MISS UNLIMITED 12.Voice [DVD] MISS UNLIMITED -Music Video- bite the bullet –Music Video- ONE STEP BEYOND -Music Video- ONE STEP BEYOND -Behind The Scene- * ONE STEP BEYOND -Music Video-(Dance Shot Only ver.) Same to you -Music Video- Same to you -Behind The Scene- * PassCode Asia Tour Docummentary in TAIWAN * * with English subtitles